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The “Nautilus” (in Greek and in Latin “sailor”) has survived relatively unchanged for 450 million years and is one of the only shells to survive from the Dinosaurs era. The Nautilus shell, lined with mother of pearl, grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life and so  has become a symbol for expansion and constant renewal.
Dating back to the Hindu myth the Nautilus shell was mentioned as a symbol of many things in Creation. It is also the symbol of the inner beauty of Nature. The shape represents the “golden mean number” known as PHI: a number with no mathematical solution; the digits simply continue for eternity without ever repeating themselves. The uniqueness of the golden mean is that can be found in all living forms. Plato called it “The Key for the Universe”. Is and has been used in art, architecture, religion and beyond…
Even if we are not Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, F. Lloyd Wright, Kandinsky and many others… as “true sailors” we have travelled and keep travelling across the World. Alike the Nautilus shell we constantly expand and renew ourselves bringing you nothing that could be considered “standardized”! Only those who respect Nature can survive for 450 million years… This is also the basis of our Environmental philosophy and approach that we like to bequeath our generation of Travelers and beyond. Luxury with true care for the Environment.
Through “The Blog”, luxury becomes affordable.  It just might be more than what you may dream of or can imagine. We strongly believe that the “Journey of a life time” is a unique experience that everybody is entitled to. And if, for any reasons, our Followers and Clients cannot practically enjoy the luxury of a unique Journey, we promise to make their dreams come blog. And we have a proven history of “delivering what we promise”. Trust is a serious matter. And we are trustworthy

“A Journey of a life time begins with a simple step” – Lao Tse

When we think of Luxury Travel, visions of pristine beaches, jet planes and boutique hotels come to mind. But to know the Luxury Traveller is to know your fellows. Perhaps they are successful business magnates, and persons of culture or unassuming types, but something is attracting them to a very specific, humanly historic, experience. Since the earliest days of Greek literature and mythology, through to today, travelling from home and out into the world, has been a human value associated with the search for Truth: to wander, encounter life, struggle to overcome, and come home a changed, more experienced person. Going out in the world is also a necessary step for most young people, and societies usually consider it a rite of passage to adulthood.
In a world, which is very developed and organized, we strive to seek out the untouched, the authentic and the beautiful in an effort to touch the spiritual, find our own truth through a totally new experience, and then come home changed. In a life, which is busy and full, we strive to get to the authentic as quickly as possible, so we can live it and be changed by it immediately.
Luxury implies proven standards: standards of conduct, quality and beauty. It is the busy Traveller’s guarantee that his journey will be successful, that the events he planned along the way will help him live out his experience most fully. He needs a trusted travel companion, a quiet shadow, to sincerely advise him so that his experiencing will be the revelation he was looking for.
Modern life has put everything at our fingertips, especially information. In an age of do-it-yourself-and-save , the new luxury is now the knowing presence beside you to guide you to your next best travel experience. LuxuryTravel.COM embraces the human values associated with travel and upholds sustainability and authenticity while advising the Client.
We have yet to meet a Traveller, who is not looking for a valuable human experience in his travels. The hope is always there. The true Wanderer is a Hero in search of his own personal evolution and guards the quality of his experience well

Your Luxury Event


In conjunction with our Events.COM sister company , we can truly deliver high-end top VIP events. However, since we believe that costs need to be under control for the event of a lifetime, whether you are a private client, or you are a SME with a limited budget, we may suggest other alternatives to have TOP services (for instance… booking quite in advance or selecting shoulder seasons…or even low seasons. For certain destinations the so-called “shoulder or low season” is just a matter of occupancy and calendar dates! Not necessarily linked to bad weather conditions or other!)
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